Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

cari lah artinya

The picture was very beautiful in the grave because of the bright blue weather and the greenery like paddy fields swaying and berjalanya gentle breeze wafting clouds. It was because of the beautiful scenery with views of green leaves and beautiful birds berkicaunya melodious, then let us look after it because we can utilize the beauty of natural freshness green leaves, with beauty as the picture 2. I personally want to enjoy a relaxing, quiet, peaceful, with a beautiful swing and field-tunable bird berkicaunya it. Sawah uyang waving dance, it is wonderful in my view if memanhggil to get there. With its beauty I'd love to be there and enjoy it. But Figure 1 also tidakl less beautiful because it has a beautiful figure 1 beach in the afternoon and the setting of the sun, and mangrove trees that can resolve small waves so that the sand does not get carried away and we too can enjoy it.

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